Look, we have always offered cupping! You can have purple cup marks too!

Twin Tigers Acupuncture & Weight Loss is a unique healthcare practice in Colorado Springs, CO. Our mission is to educate our clients so they can make the best decisions for their body. We do not use any single model or specific set of treatments for everyone. We are here to help our clients make the best choices for their individual healthcare needs, whether it be various Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods or losing weight through a healthy, effective medically-designed weight loss plan (Ideal Protein). Prevention is a key part of our focus. Our goal is to help keep the client healthy!

We view the client as a whole being, rather than just a symptom or a disease as is often the case in Western medicine. The TCM approach seeks out and treats the root cause of the symptom, which is simply there to let us know something else is wrong. Treating the symptom alone does not ultimately serve the client’s whole being. Through a holistic diagnosis, we examine the client’s physiological symptoms, discuss lifestyle habits and tendencies, including diet, sleep, exercise, and many other aspects that the client typically doesn’t give much thought. Understanding the whole picture allows us to then treat the whole being.

Traditional Chinese Medicine may not be the answer for every person. However, TCM treatments are often safer, more effective, and less costly than Western medicine. Originating in China 5,000 years ago, TCM remains one of the safest medicines with minimal side effects. Twin Tigers has successfully helped countless patients where Western medicine has failed them repeatedly. In keeping with our goal to keep the client healthy, we occasionally refer out to other providers, even traditional MDs or DOs when deemed appropriate, so that the best treatment may be obtained.

Jennifer M. Mansur, L.Ac.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner